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The Mysterious Realm of the Elves…

Blog for 5-Apr-2021


Pictured here, my conception of one of the Elders of the High Council, donning her mystic robes and tiara.



Nyrva sitting at a desk, in her study.




Nyrva, alone in a secluded place. The only thing I hate about the digital models is the odd bend at the joints with some of the poses, in this case, her knees.



Another of Nyrva’s fellow Elves, and another character I’m conceiving and developing.




This was my original sketch concept of Nyrva trapped in a place I called “Dimension Zero”: A strange place of “nothingness” where there is no time or space. It’s a dimensional prison that traps and holds people who are sent there, preserving them as they are until released. But time in the world they came from continues to pass normally. I have yet to develop a digital representation of this place. I also haven’t decided yet where in my story she ends up in this place or how. But at some point, she winds up here. For obvious reasons I can’t say if she survives her time in this place or not. My other complaint about my drawings is I was lousy with expression. And my cartoon drawings lacked the realism that I desire. I’m no Rembrandt. I hope to do some drawings that appear more realistic at some point. But that’s why I work with digital mediums.


I’ve largely used Skyrim as one of my digital mediums. While I don’t claim the rights to the visual assets of Skyrim itself, as user-generated content using mods, I do use this medium to create visuals of some of my ideas. In this case, some of the bestiary from Nyrva’s world; as there are unicorns, dragons, griffins, and some other mythical creatures in her world.



Here I have Nyrva captured in Skyrim by the Forsworn, all her gear stolen. She must either escape custody, wait to be released or killed. In this case, this is my using her as an RPG character, but she’s mine to use. (She does escape and get her gear, armor, weapons, etc. back of course). My one frustration, even with Skyrim modding, is not finding hair that I like that works the way I want. Nyrva is supposed to have long, flowing hair down her back to her butt, and also some in the front. I’m generally able to achieve this in my other digital medium. But Skyrim has been hard to do.



This is a bit older depiction of Nyrva before I found more suitable hair that I liked for my model. I still had the same basic face design. This is a depiction of her on her homeworld. 


Another older depiction of Nyrva and her sister. I have them with friends playing a game of Settlers of Catan in a bar scene I created, some of the props I made myself.



Here I have Nyrva playing and singing as a bard in the bar scene I made and some of my characters sitting on props I made. These are a bit older iterations of some of my characters including Nyrva. I would say many of them are works-in-progress, and under development. The development of the character models has been helping me shape how I want them to be in my fiction writing in my back story. 



Roleplaying with Nyrva in an RP group that I regularly play in. She is captured by some really bad people… (she escapes later!) But I like this shot of her since it’s a good full-body shot of her standing.



Nyrva’s younger sister, Raiya, enjoying a glass of Elven wine in a local bar. (A temporary scene I built using some original props I made, and some I got from other creators.).



Raiya, sitting at a desk. Naturally I modeled Raiya to look like Nyrva, since she’s Nyrva’s sister. I didn’t want them to be twins, but I still made the faces fairly similar and gave them similar hair, in addition to matching their height and other features. Nyrva is a bard, and more of an adventurer. Raiya, more of a scion… (scientist), a “nerd”. But still a load of fun.


That’s all I have for now! Until next time!

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Welcome to

Times change. So do websites. It was long overdue to change from the name to .net. I still currently own the name, and that won’t change since it has been part of my site for so long. But is now my new official fantasy blog. So the old name will simply be redirecting here from now on. Everything pertaining to my original character creation, fiction, gaming, or anything else I write about will now be at this site. I’ve been at this for a long time, since my first creation of my character “Nyrva” in 1998. I’ve been working on a lot of material and writing in the meantime aside from my gaming and hobby interests. I hope as the fiction work continues and I develop my fantasy novel I’ll be able to drop details about it along the way. The backstory has been over 20 years in creation and much in development, so anything I put on here are only minor surface details.


Respectfully, this site is not to be confused with online individuals or other websites using the same name in recent years.

This is a site dealing with fantasy fiction and original character creation, for which I have actually registered copyrighted material of, and done derivative works with. When I created my character in 1998, almost nobody was using the name. When I used to Google search it years ago, nothing used to come up for any real people. Who knew there were RL people actually named “Nyrva”? (Although I think that’s really cool). When I first used the name for my character I didn’t actually think it was a real name, because frankly, I didn’t know of anyone who actually used it. In recent years I have discovered more gamers and such starting to use the name, so I am not sure where others are coming up with the idea, as my site is generally not known. Up until the last 3-5 years nobody else was really using the name for anything, so it’s been strange.




This would represent my latest depiction of Miss Nyrva, in a bar scene, along with bar furniture I actually made for the scene. I hope to write more for my blog soon, but I’m trying to decide what I want my blog to be about. Character fiction, gaming, or whatever else. Some of it will pertain to my original character creation, but only to a point, as I won’t be releasing too many details about my fiction writing, other than little tidbits. Once I start getting major work done on my fantasy novel writing I hope to provide more updates about that. Otherwise I’ll write stuff about gaming or hobbies or other things of interest as well.


My conceptual drawing from 2010 of Nyrva drinking coffee against my avatar of her now, doing the same thing. While my avatar is not entirely how I want her to look it’s as close in concept as I know how to get. So on the left is an original cartoon concept by me of generally how I wanted the character to look. I hope to do a re-creation, less cartoon-like at some point, perhaps with colored pencil, and more lifelike, matching up to my concepts of her appearance. On the right is my digital model, where I manipulated the model’s face and appearance to get it more how I have it in mind as I did with Skyrim. The only difference between this and Skyrim is the hair is much better in this medium, and much more how I want it– much more like how pictured it when I drew it.


Playing as my character Nyrva in Skyrim, thanks to the use of mods for full character customization. (I won’t say what mods I use.) While Bethesda does own the rights to Skyrim, I do consider my “modded Nyrva” to still be an original user-generated creation by me, and thus a derivative work of my original character concepts. Such is the case with any digital medium I use to create a likeness of the character.



My character has gone through quite an evolution of development over the years, especially in the digital domain. But the general definition of her appearance has been roughly about the same. I specifically manipulated the facial features to arrive at the desired appearance. So once again, it becomes user-created content on my part, creating a likeness of my original character idea.



Nyrva, alone in a secluded place. I thought to do a few “nudes”.


Shown here with her sister and some friends. These are some other original characters of mine, fellow characters from Nyrva’s world that I’ve visualized as digital models. Some of them still under creation and development.


Nyrva, in a location that is a past and future secret! Once again, using hair and facial mods to get her appearance to match up to my original ideas and concepts as much as I know how to do.



Nyrva, with her younger sister, Raiya pictured together. Raiya was a character I created around 2004 as I was continuing to develop the back story of Nyrva’s world, and decided to make a younger sister as part of the main cast of characters. It’s only natural that the two avatars should look similar since they are sisters, so I modeled Raiya to look much similar to Nyrva, especially in the face. They pretty much have similar hair as well, but I didn’t want them to be “twins”. Two sisters, from a fallen family of Elves, from an Elven world in much turmoil.





For now it’s here. And so is Nyrva. More to come in due time…










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