My personal website for my games, hobbies, interests and my original character, Nyrva, I created in 1998. [respectfully, not to be confused with any online professionals using the same name.]

My WoW Toons

My WoW Toons

A gallery page of some of my toons from World of Warcraft


my Pandaren Windwalker Monk, Milwaukee with Baine Bloodhoof


Milwaukee with Vol’jin

Why a name like “Milwaukee” for a character? Why not. It’s the name of my home town and a perfect name for a character who is one of the “officers” (as it were) of my guild, Brew City Horde.


My toons on Zul’jin.

Back row L-R:  Wisconsinmoo – Tauren Feral Druid; Eggshen – Pandaren Frost Mage; Natsuki – Pandaren Frost Mage; Treedragon – Pandaren Elemental Shaman; Yakusa – Pandaren Subtlety Rogue

Middle L-R: Woodmoon – Blood Elf Beast Master Hunter; Hiddenmoon – Blood Elf Beast Master Hunter; Raiya – Blood Elf Shadow Priest

Front L-R: Nyrva (my main) -Blood Elf Beast Master Hunter; Milwaukee – Pandaren Windwalker Monk; Myrna – Blood Elf Destruction Warlock

Personal character lore (not huge into RP in the game but this much I’ve created):

Nyrva, Myrna, and Raiya are all sisters of different ages (based on my fiction about them).

Woodmoon and Hiddenmoon are identical twin sisters (on purpose- I leveled them together, etc.)

Eggshen and Natsuki are a married couple

Treedragon and Yakusa are also blood relatives of each other.

Wisconsinmoo? He’s just my Tauren Druid fashioned to be guild-themed and made to resemble Baine Bloodhoof- except wearing my guild’s “colors”.


My monk, Milwaukee, having since won the Legendary cloak AND, recently, the Warglaives of Azzinoth (took about 2 months to win both).


My monk again with the Warglaives of Azzinoth and the “wing” effect from her legendary cloak.


My hunter, Nyrva, with the legendary bow from Sunwell 25. She also has the legendary cloak.


My hunter again with the legendary bow and the wing effect from the legendary cloak.


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