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Nyrva’s Character Page

Updated 24-Feb-2019

Updated 16-Mar-2021


Nyrva Dragonwood – Original Character Concept

Nyrva Dragonwood – Conceptualized in Skyrim using customization mods.


Nyrva Dragonwood was a character I created in 1997 and have been developing fiction about her since. The novel I have been working on has gone through several rewrites, in addition to development of the back story of the world she comes from. Meanwhile I also roleplay her in games where possible, and on sites such as Gaia Online, and in games like World of Warcraft. I have also roleplayed her in RPGs I have on Playstation and my computer where custom character creation was possible.

This drawing is a crop of a drawing I did of the character and represents her true appearance. So when I use her in games like World of Warcraft, Skyrim, or other games I have to use the templates they provide. but this drawing represents the character’s true appearance.


Nyrva, as I created her, is a brown-haired, blue-eyed Wood Elf with long flowing brown hair down to her butt, not a arcane-infused, green-eyed, Blood Elf- however since I use her in WoW, that’s what she is there.

This drawing, slightly revised for 2014, features Nyrva with extended ear length- part of the new design for the character.

THIS PAGE will be used for a personal blog about roleplay for this and other characters of mine, and just anything that interests me that is related. Unlike general art and hobby blogs I’ve done in the past, this is more of a personal blog, but people are welcome to check it out.

Nyrva Dragonwood – my mockup of her from Gaia Online.

Character Description, Info, and Stats:

Nyrva Dragonwood Bio Info – Revised for 2014

Bio Info:

Nyrva Mariah Dragonwood

Female Wood Elf

Dragonwood Elf Tribe

Wood Elf

60 Inches Tall (150cm) 135 lbs 124

Earth Years old (physical age equivalent to a 22-25 year old human female)


Socially Conservative/Traditional Girl

Weapon skills- Ranged: Bows, Crossbows (Does not use guns but can)

Intermediate hand-to-hand combat skills


Games Used In:

World of Warcraft


Used as my character/account profile on:


Second Life

Gaia Online (formerly)

Nyrva Dragonwood’s appearance is defined as a 5′ tall, slender build, female Wood Elf with flowing long brown hair to her butt, and blue eyes. Pointed ears point straight towards the back of the head and do not extend past the back of the head. Newer drawings of her I’ve been doing show her with longer ears that still follow the conventions of her original ear design.






A conceptual drawing of Nyrva pregnant. I never decided if she should be a mother or not.




Nyrva sitting by the beach, as her people do. They tend to go “native” by the shore.



This depiction of my character, Nyrva Dragonwood, has her banished to a strange realm within the lore of my fiction for a time, for violating the laws of a mystic land she trespassed into– she isn’t killed for this but is imprisoned for a time. This was original concept art I did years ago. I haven’t done much drawing for awhile because I’ve been trying to figure out how I want to conceptualize the character without looking so cartooney.







Nyrva Dragonwood - Bio Card Nyrva Dragonwood, Nyrvachan, she-elf, wood elf, elf, girl, woman, female, brown hair, long hair, blue eyes, elf ears, legs, bare feet, barefoot, green tunic, bio card, roleplay info, character sheet

Pencil and Photoshop used for my character art and designs.


“Nyrva” in World of Warcraft


“Nyrva” in Skyrim – using the Half Dryad-Elf mod from Nexusmods in conjunction with other mods, I was able to create an appearance similar to what I draw, save the long hair. This is an older conception.

Nyrva as visualized in Second Life by me. This is her nude avatar and basic body design, custom-designed to best represent the character’s appearance.



Nyrva, more how she looks now.



An older facial closeup of my Second Life version of Nyrva.


A much more up to date appearance of Nyrva now, and more consistent with my old drawings of her.


Nyrva with her younger sister, Raiya (left). Of course they look alike, they’re sisters!





Nyrva Dragonwood art and character © by the owner of this website.
Background image original stock by character's owner.

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