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Character Gallery: Nyrva Dragonwood

These are a few original drawings by me of my character Nyrva Dragonwood.

Updated 12-May-2016


Nyrva Dragonwood – Wood Elf Drinking Coffee 2009 

This is a drawing I did back in 2009 originally of my character, Nyrva Dragonwood, drinking coffee. Her outfit was originally white but I later re-colored it “Wood Elf” green. This is the original white skirt version. She was originally to appear in a bar-like scene drinking with her friends; something I still plan to do. I’ve already begun to draw a revised version of this with a full-body drawing of the character and have begun to draw some of her friends for the originally-planned scene.

Pencil and Photoshop for Nyrva – artwork and character belong to me


Nyrva Dragonwood – Gazing Heavenward

A cropped drawing I did of my character Nyrva Dragonwood gazing at the sky. Original was done in 2005 and redrew a few years later. The full drawing shows the full character standing in a digitally-created field I rendered with an old version of KPT Bryce but I’ve been looking to revise her environment. In this case I revised the drawing by using a photograph I shot of artificially-made model turf with rocks and twigs to look like scenery. It seems to “work” but who knows. I’ve never been any good at drawing landscapes or scenery.


Guidance of a Friend

Raechelle Greentree (right)
Nyrva Dragonwood (left)

The roleplay here? In Nyrva’s desire to learn more about her own people and eventually find them, Raechelle shares some informations she’s learned with Nyrva on how to find the ruins of the Dragonwood Elves, and gives Nyrva some insight about the Forest Elves, who may hold some clues about the whereabouts of any surviving members of her Elf Tribe.

Pencil and Photoshop for both girls, and the photo is my own personal stock – original photography by me.

I wish World of Warcraft would develop a neko/cat-eared race so I can also play characters of mine such as Raechelle as well.

Raechelle Greentree is my website’s “Mistress of the Dungeon” – so every year for the last couple years I’ve been doing a drawing of her that reflects this idea. Nyrva is my main character and the “poster girl” for my website, – and of course her name is the name of the website.


An adventure of Nyrva’s gone awry again; Nyrva Dragonwood is captured unharmed and imprisoned in a place called Dimension Zero by a strange Dimensional Guardian known as Metagil; for her intrusion into a forbidden land. She is not harmed or killed, however, she will remain his “guest” for awhile.


The follow-up drawing to the previous, Nyrva awakening in Dimension Zero to find herself a ward of the Dimensional Guardian who captured her. In response to a query, he tells Nyrva that if he wanted her dead, she would already be instead of having been captured.


My newest face icon drawing of Nyrva Dragonwood.


Nyrva Dragonwood’s Vampire Story – I won’t give out too many details, but this is a side story I’m working on with my fiction about Nyrva in which all the characters are stricken by a vampiric plague. This drawing depicts Nyrva falling prey to one of her friends who has become a vampire with her life’s blood being consumed and tainted, and the color leaving her body as the vampiric corruption overtakes her.

Nyrva on her journey back home after a failed quest to see the old ruins of her elven clan. It’s cut short when she’s caught by thieves, drugged, stripped of everything she’s wearing and carrying, and left lying in the middle of the woods. She then has to spend a few days walking home in the buff, finding food, water and shelter wherever she can along the way, and hoping to avoid any danger. (I think she stepped on something.)


Nyrva always had the habit of sleeping with the covers off, naked or not. Didn’t change much after she got knocked up. (I haven’t decided by who yet).


Another drawing I did of Nyrva pregnant. Though I never did decide who is responsible yet. She does have an elven male in her story it would seem she’s destined to be with, but there are other circumstances that come her way she didn’t exactly plan for.


Nyrva on her journey back home in the buff. After walking for several miles, decides to take a break near a running stream of fresh water. So here she sits perched up on a log.


I was toying with this idea of Nyrva being sent to a strange dimension by a dimensional guardian and trapped there for a time. I may still do this idea.


Nyrva sitting nude on a beach, enjoying the sounds of the ocean and the salty air.



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