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My Character in Skyrim

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Updated 9-Apr-2016

After much messing around with addons and plugins I found an addon that actuallylets my character look like an actual elf, and not the half-human/half-grey alien wanna-bes that are “called” elves by Bethesda. Bethesda’s elves in Skyrim also look very old, rather than having the more youthful appearance elves should have.

Nonetheless I was able to make my character an elf with some CBBE-based mods. While my character in Skyrim doesn’t look like my elf character Nyrva for lack of butt-length long hair, bangs, etc. I did the best I could.


My skyrim character of Nyrva would never look like my drawn original character, Nyrva Dragonwood, shown here, but I figure I’m doing the best I can with what’s available via the addons. My original character has a hairstyle that is essentially outside the laws of physics but that’s why she’s a cartoon.


Meeting Maven Black-Briar in the wrong places…


Maven Black-Briar- just like the real rich and powerful, always consorting with all the wrong types of people.


Another shot of Nyrva crashing a forbidden party…


Someone wants to put the hit on my toon!


The model I’ve been using is the Half-Dryad Elf race model mod obtainable off nexusmods. I always pictured my character Nyrva being a shorter woman about 5 foot tall perhaps (not sure how tall elves should be- different schools of thought on that) – but even against other women here she is shorter. However, still taller than the kids. Donning Nightstalker armor here (beefed up Nightengale set courtesy of an installed mod)

Another low-angle dynamic shot of my character in the buff.


So this S.O.B. vampire ingrate wants to have my character for lunch because she won’t become a vampire thrall after saving his vampire pig of a daughter? After getting banished I couldn’t go back into the castle and open on some whoopass on these jerks. 🙁


At Whiterun, with High Hrothgar in the background…

A low-angle shot of Nyrva nude from in the apocrypha realm in Skyrim.


Nyrva inside Breezehome donning her archmage robes.

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